The Good in GoodBye

Goodbye almost always seem sad. It’s saying farewell to something or someone we love. In some cases goodbyes are forever. When we say goodbye in the sad-so-long-till-never-again way, you can feel that sharp pain in your chest. It’ll feel like someone decided that it was okay to throw a few tons on your heart thinking it could bear the pain. SNAP! Then we over estimate the elasticity and everything that makes you function in that moment just SNAP. You may feel empty or just a never ending pain crept into your system and you just want to lie in a fetal position where ever you were standing. That goodbye hurts. The sad goodbyes are the ones where you have the “I know” feeling or “I don’t know”. When we get the sad-I-know goodbye, it’s when we/re parting with something that was or is dear to us and it may hurt to say goodbye but you know it is what’s necessary. The I-don’t-know-goodbye is almost like the I-know-goodbye. Difference is that when we actually say goodbye, we’ll keep asking ourselves why. It’s related because most of the time we have the answers to our questions long before we actually figure them out. In turn it…denial.

Fortunately not all goodbyes are painful or sad. Some can be, or will be good. Goodbyes could also mean See you again. When we say goodbye to someone we love such as moving away from home to go to college or just moving in general, it could be a goodbye as in Thank-you-for-all-that-you’ve-done-and-now-I’m-ready-to-spread-my-wings-and-live-a-little goodbye. You may even have a tear or two. A goodbye may also welcome in a new relationship or friendship. Maybe a certain someone wasn’t meant for you or that you just needed a new group or friends to rely on. The good in goodbyes are sometimes hard to find because sometimes we get lost in the painful and bad goodbyes.

This day was so memorable. I hope it does lead to new friendships. Bygones to the past. I’m scared to venture into the world alone, but now it doesn’t seem so bad. #owm Cheers to a new day and to the future!



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